The Erasmus-Moduc project - MASTER PROFESSIONNEL EUROPEEN D'ADMINISTRATION PUBLIQUE - 510222-LLP-1-2010-1-RO-ERASMUS-ECDSP with convention number - 2010 - 3409 / 001 – 001 aim is to create a European Professional Master in Public Administration (MPEAP) with four European partner universities, to draw up the curriculum, to elaborate the courses and to implement it at partner universities.
The target group of the project is represented by BsC graduates in Administrative Sciences, Law, Economics, Political Science, Human and Social Sciences or equivalent according to the Partner universities’ national higher educational system. The program includes one semester stage period in the selected country of Partner Universities. Those students who pass all the exams and the final stage’s exam are granted the home University’s degree and the recognition of the studies in the framework of Master Professionnel Européen d’Administration Publique (MPEAP) by Partner Universities. The Diploma Supplement is delivered by each University and mutually validated by Partner Universities.

The proposed Master has a two year program worth with 120 ECTS credits. Moreover an e-campus with Adobe Connect will be realized. The MPEAP students will be able to learn the concepts and acquire the knowledge and know-how needed by a European Public Servant. The created platform will be tested by active civil servants from each partner country.

The activities during the development and implementation of the project are clearly formulated for each period and are as the follows: drawing up the curriculum for the European Master program; aligning the Master programs of the partner universities; creating the harmonization framework for the enrolment in the 2nd year of the European Master; creating partnerships with the public institutions; creating the content of the courses; establishing the teams responsible for drawing up the courses and choosing the people in charge of the courses; the recognition and accreditation of the Master program in each country; the content of the diploma, drawing up the diploma; the recognition of the diploma – national, European accreditation of the Master program; creation of 7 printed and 9 electronic courses; the creation of the technologic support for on-line teaching; the preparation of the framework and the courses for on-line teaching; the promotion of the Master’s degree program in the four partner countries; the elaboration of the catalogue of the stage/practice periods in collaboration with the partner universities; to creation of a close relationship between universities and public institutions, linked to the higher education institutions, achieving local and cross-border partnerships capable of managing the activities derived from the cooperation agreements.

The partner universities of the project are: Petru Maior University of Tîrgu- Mureş, Faculty of Economics, Law and Administrative Sciences, Romania, University Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Faculty of Law and political sciences, Versailles, France, University of Miskolc, Faculty of Law, Miskolc, Hungary, University of Salento, Faculty of Law, Lecce, Italy.


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