University of Salento, Italy

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Message from the Rector

Welcome to the Università del Salento

Our university, relatively young in a city that is more and more characterized as a university city, since its foundation in 1956, is committed to bringing to realization a cultural project that will contribute to the growth of the youth in its region. For this reason, all of our efforts are directed towards the improvement of our educational programs which are sustained by very high profile research activity, some of them internationally recognized for their excellence. Our laboratories and research centres are ideal places for our research staff. Our research staff comprises scholars from all over the world who are passionate about their research. Another priority of this new administration is, in fact, internationalization. Our research centres offers opportunities to study and work in a stimulating and enriching environment on an intellectual and cultural level, where scholars from different backgrounds can exchange ideas and projects. This is essential for the individual growth of our students and professors.

To prospective students our University offers a large choice of academic programs, structured into 10 faculties that guarantee different vocational opportunities and professional preparation. Whoever enrolls at the Università del Salento can be sure that he/she will obtained a wealth of knowledge and thought processing ability which will support him/her in the professional endeavors. For those who want to continue with higher education, our University offers up to 40 First and Second Level Master Degree programs and PhDs, which have will satisfy work market needs and research demands.

The Università del Salento has embraced the challenge of change, which places students at the centre of our choices so they can build a real future as a professional based on values that can not be denied: knowledge, competence, and merit.

Again, welcome and happy navigation,



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