University of Miskolc, Hungary

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Faculty of Law

In 1959 the departments of Mining Faculty moved from Sopron to Miskolc. At that time the three faculties of the university had 28 departments. The early 1960s saw the start of a drive towards an improvement and expansion of university facilities: the central workshop, the main building of the university with a lecture hall, the refectory, the seventh hall of residence, the central library, the sports hall, etc. were built.
In 1969 the scope of the university increased with the creation of the College for Metallurgy in Dunaújváros, and in 1970 with the College for Chemical Industry and Automation.
In 1981 the training of lawyers was started, and in 1983 this became the Faculty of Law. The training of economists - which has been going on since 1987 - was transformed into an independent faculty in 1990. The university got the name of Miskolc University in the same year. With the establishment of the new faculties, as mentioned above, the aim of Miskolc University was to broaden the scope of training in as many fields as possible by providing students with various new courses (the Institute of Arts was established in l993). The other main goals of the university are to continue its research with international reputation and prepare students for the requirements and needs of a new era, which seems to be inevitable and crucially important in meeting high academic standards as well as in catching up with Europe and the latest scientific achievements of the world.


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